Hey Babes!

Welcome to the house of all things pink, blue and unicorns! We’re Lindsey and Leslie, twin Influencers and Wardrobe Stylists based out of Arizona. We emphasize empowerment, confidence and tenacity through our fashion, beauty and lifestyle brand. As trendsetters, we’re always pushing ourselves to take our looks to the next level. We live by the motto Rated Unicorn Can’t Be Tamed. Just like your fave movie might be Rated PG-13, we have a rating all our own: UNICORN. We believe every person is unique in their own way and offers something special to the world. Scroll through our website and get a feel for our unicorn spirit. Thank you for coming with us on our colorful life adventures and remember to never let anyone tame your unicorn spirit, because we certainly won’t. Love you all!

Pretty Thug